We use cutting edge technology to bring jewellery to life. 

Sinclair’s uses the latest CADCAM technology to design and manufacture its jewellery with minute precision. Our jewellery designers can draw hand sketches of your design and using the latest computer aided software produce a 3D model of your jewellery. Our process is interactive allowing for changes in your jewellery design. When you are happy, we can print a 3D scale proof in resin for your approval before manufacturing begins. 

Jewellery Design Sketch

Design Sketch

Jewellery Design Wire Frame

Wire Frame

Jewellery Design Computer Rendering

Digital Render

Jewellery Design 3D Print

3D Print

Jewellery Design & Manufacture


Sinclair’s has extensive knowledge in metallurgy, the branch of science and technology concerned with the properties of metals, their production and purification. In particular, experience with gold and platinum. We have two trademarked alloys PAGO and Silvadium.

•  Computer Design and Modelling
•  3D Resin Printing
•  Metallurgy experience

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