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Engagement Ring Design

Engagement Ring Design

Our friendly team of qualified jewellers will take the stress out of one of the most important decisions you will ever make and guide you every step of the way. All you have to do is pop the question?  

Ruby the Birthstone for July

Ruby is the birthstone for July

Ruby is a symbol of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. You can view our selection of ruby jewellery in the coloured gemstone section of our website.

Pearl the Birthstone for June

Pearl is the birthstone for June

Pearls have long been associated with purity, humility and innocence. As such, pearls were traditionally given as a wedding gift. The pearl birthstone was also thought to have beneficial properties believed to bestow long life and prosperity.

Emerald Birthstone for May

Emerald is the birthstone for May

Emerald, the birthstone of May. They are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love. Emeralds are the rarest gemstones and are typically mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia.

Diamond Birthstone for April

Diamond is the birthstone for April

The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in that month, thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength. Wearing diamonds is purported to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance.  We stock a wide range of loose cut diamonds, talk with us today!

Aquamarine Birthstone for March

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March

Aquamarine has a rich color and has long been a symbol of youth, health and hope. Its beautiful color ranges from pale to deep blue and is reminiscent of the sea. We have a wide range of loose Aquamarine gemstones in stock. Talk with our friendly staff today about making something special for your loved one.

Amethyst Birthstone for February

Amethyst is the birthstone for February

Amethyst is a violet semi-precious gemstone that is used in jewellery and is the traditional birthstone for February. A member of the quartz family it comes in many brilliant shades of purple from light lilac to a deep plum colour. 

Garnet Birthstone for January

Garnet is the birthstone for January

Garnet is believed to bring the wearer good health, wealth and happiness. They are commonly red but also come in an extraordinary range of beautiful colors, including orange, yellow, purple and green.

Tanzanite Birthstone for December

Tanzanite is the birthstone for December

Poised between lush blue, vibrant violet, and rich purple, exotic Tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, near majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. This beautiful stone is the birthstone for December.

Topaz & Citrine Birthstone for November

Topaz & Citrine are the birthstones for November

Topaz is a popular gem. Although frequently associated with golden yellow as well as blue, it can be found in a variety of colors, including colorless. The rarest are natural pink, red, and fine golden orange, sometimes with a pink tone. 

Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in color from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown, and may contain rainbow or sparkle inclusions. The name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon.

Tourmaline, Opal, Birthstone October

Tourmaline & Opal are the birthstones for October

Opal, symbolises faithfulness and confidence. The word comes from the Latin opalus, meaning “precious jewel,” and from the Greek word opallios, meaning “to see a change in color.”

Tourmaline is the newer October birthstone. The name comes from the Sinhalese word toramalli, which means “stone with mixed colors,” because it often has multiple colors in one crystal. Very few gems match tourmaline's dazzling array of colors.

Sapphire the birthstone for September

Sapphire is the birthstone for September

Sapphires are believed to symbolise wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. In an engagement ring a sapphire means faithfulness and sincerity as well. Sinclairs have a large range of sapphires in many cuts and colours, the perfect way to express your love. 

Peridot Birthstone for August

Peridot is the birthstone for August

Known as the stone of compassion, peridot is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. This friendly bright green stone also has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity; it also brings delight and good cheer.  

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