Care for Diamonds

Care for Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the hardest known substances on earth, but they are not indestructible. If you were to knock, or drop your diamond on a hard surface, it is possible to damage. To keep your diamonds clean, a solution of cloudy ammonia diluted in water, and a soft brush to clean under the settings. Rinsing in clean water and then dry thoroughly with a tissue and then buff the gold with a gold polish cloth.

The settings holding your diamonds need to be checked on a regular basis, especially if they are being worn all the time. We always recommend that you take your jewellery off when doing household chores, gardening, cleaning and working with chemicals. This will help to look after your settings and allow your jewellery to last longer.

For all jewellery crafted by Sinclairs we offer a once per year free clean, polish and setting check service. Jewellery not purchased at Sinclairs can be cleaned for a fee.

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