Curious about the best ways to care for your diamond jewellery?

In this blog, we’ll uncover the secrets to preserving the brilliance of your precious pieces. Learn how to prevent damage and maintain their sparkle. From removing jewellery during risky activities to avoiding products that could dull their shine, we’ll guide you through the essential practices. Discover the importance of regular cleaning with gentle solutions and proper storage away from sunlight to prolong their lifespan. Handle your pieces with care to minimise smudges and potential damage, and consider insuring them with detailed valuation for added protection.

With over 75 years of legacy, Sinclairs Jewellers in Perth offers expert services to assist you in caring for your treasured pieces. Master these care techniques to ensure your diamond jewellery remains as stunning and valuable as the day you first received it.

Remove Jewellery During Activities

Remove Jewellery During Activities


Before going to bed, make sure to take off your diamond jewellery to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the mount, which could result in weakening over time. Removing your jewellery before bedtime reduces the likelihood of it getting tangled in bedding or caught on clothing, preventing any accidental pulls that could dislodge stones or bend delicate metalwork.

While you sleep, movements can unintentionally exert strain on the setting, increasing the risk of damage.

Storing your precious pieces safely on a jewellery dish or box overnight ensures they remain secure and free from potential harm.

Swimming and Bathing

To maintain the brilliance and longevity of your beautiful pink diamond jewellery, always remember to remove it before swimming or bathing to prevent damage from chlorine and saltwater. Chlorine and saltwater can dull diamonds and damage the metal settings, leading to potential harm to your precious pieces.

The chemicals in swimming pools and the salt in seawater can react with the metal of the jewellery, causing it to corrode or tarnish over time. Additionally, the force of the water during swimming or bathing activities can potentially loosen the settings of the diamonds, increasing the risk of them falling out.

It’s best to store your diamond jewellery safely before indulging in any aquatic activities to safeguard its beauty and durability for years to come.

Household Chores

For the safety of your diamond jewellery, always take it off before doing the household chores. This prevents potential damage from harsh chemicals and physical activities. Cleaning solutions, gardening chemicals, and even abrasive surfaces can tarnish the brilliance of your diamonds or scratch the metal settings.

Even harmless activities like dishwashing or moving furniture can pose risks to your precious pieces. By taking a few extra moments to remove your jewellery before tackling household chores, you can guarantee that they maintain their pristine condition for years to come.

Store your diamonds in a safe place away from the cleaning area. Remember to put them back on once your chores are complete to keep sparkling throughout your day.

Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Lotions and Cosmetics

Guarantee your diamond jewellery‘s longevity and brilliance by being cautious when using cosmetics and lotions to avoid chemical contact that may dull the precious stones.

Remove your jewellery before applying creams, lotions, hairspray, or makeup to prevent residue build-up that can affect the diamond’s sparkle. Chemicals in these products can create a film over the diamonds, diminishing their shine over time.

Cleaning Products

To maintain the brilliance and longevity of your diamond jewellery in Perth, be cautious of the cleaning products you use, especially avoiding contact with chemicals like chlorine, bleach, and other household cleaners that can potentially damage both the diamond and its setting.

Always remember to remove your jewellery before using these harmful products to prevent any adverse effects on your precious pieces. Instead, opt for gentle cleaning solutions specifically designed for diamonds to guarantee their sparkle and beauty remain intact.

Regular Cleaning

At Home

For routine maintenance of your diamond jewellery, consider gently soaking your pieces in a warm water and dish soap solution and using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean both the diamond and its setting. Focus on the prongs and the stone itself while scrubbing.

After cleaning, rinse your jewellery thoroughly with water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the diamond or its setting.

Regularly cleaning your diamond jewellery at home will help maintain its sparkle and shine. Remember to store your pieces properly when not in use to prevent scratching or tangling.

Professional Cleaning

Consider scheduling a professional cleaning appointment for your diamond jewellery at least once a year to maintain its pristine condition and identify any potential issues with the setting. Here at Sinclairs Jewellers, we offer a professional cleaning service and use specialised equipment and techniques to guarantee a thorough clean without causing any damage to your precious stones.

We will inspect the setting for any signs of wear and tear, preventing potential problems before they escalate. We can advise you on proper diamond jewellery care practices to maintain your jewellery’s brilliance between cleanings. By entrusting your diamond jewellery to us, you aren’t only preserving its beauty but also securing its longevity.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Methods

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Methods

Ultrasonic Cleaners

We recommend being cautious when using ultrasonic cleaners to clean diamond jewellery as they can potentially lead to the diamonds loosening in their settings. The high-frequency vibrations produced by these cleaners can shake the diamonds loose from their mountings over time.

While ultrasonic cleaners are effective at removing dirt and grime from intricate settings, the risk of damage outweighs the benefits. To preserve the integrity of your diamond jewellery, it’s best to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners altogether.

We recommend opting for gentler cleaning methods such as using a soft brush with mild soapy water or seeking professional cleaning services.

Steam and Boiling

To guarantee the brilliance and longevity of your diamond jewellery in Perth, avoid using steam or boiling methods for cleaning as they can cause damage to the diamonds and their settings.

The extreme heat from steam cleaners can weaken the structural integrity of the metal prongs holding the diamonds, leading to potential loosening or loss of the precious stones. Boiling jewellery in water may also result in thermal shock, causing fractures in the diamonds.

Instead, opt for gentler cleaning methods like using a soft-bristled brush with mild soap and warm water.

Proper Storage

Separate Pieces

Make sure each piece is stored separately to prevent scratching. Utilise the original box or wrap them in a soft, lint-free cloth. Storing your diamond pieces individually helps prevent them from getting scratched by other jewellery items.

This simple practice guarantees that your diamonds retain their sparkle and shine for years to come. By storing each piece separately, you also reduce the risk of tangling or damage that can occur when jewellery items come into contact with each other.

Take the time to store your diamond jewellery properly, and you’ll enjoy their beauty for a lifetime.

Cool, Dry Place

Preserving your diamond jewellery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will  prevent damage and maintain its brilliance and longevity. Keep your jewellery box in a location where it won’t be exposed to excessive heat or humidity, as these conditions can impact the quality of your diamonds over time.

Direct sunlight can cause your diamonds to fade or even crack, so choose a shaded spot instead. Additionally, storing your pieces separately in soft pouches or cloth-lined compartments can prevent scratches and tangles.

Insurance and Valuation

Diamond Jewellery Perth Insurance and Valuation

Insure Your Jewellery

Protect your valuable diamond jewellery by insuring it with a detailed valuation from a professional jeweller to safeguard against theft, loss, or damage.

Having insurance coverage for your precious pieces is vital in providing financial protection and peace of mind. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as theft or accidental damage, insurance can help you recover the value of your jewellery.

Here at Sinclairs Jewellers, we can offer you a detailed valuation, offering an accurate assessment of your items’ worth, which is essential for obtaining the right insurance coverage.

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are crucial in ensuring that your precious diamonds remain intact and retain their beauty. By addressing loose settings or prongs promptly, you can prevent the risk of losing valuable stones.

Additionally, conducting these regular checks can help you catch any potential issues early on, saving you from more significant damage or costly repairs.

Make it a habit to inspect your diamond jewellery periodically to enjoy it for years to come and maintain its brilliance.


Minimise Handling

When handling your jewellery, try to touch the metal parts rather than the diamonds themselves. Minimising handling of your diamond jewellery can prevent transferring oils from your skin, which can dull its brilliance over time.

Oils and dirt can easily adhere to the diamonds, reducing their sparkle. If you need to clean your diamond jewellery, use a soft brush and mild soapy water, being careful not to touch the diamonds with your fingers.

Additionally, avoid wearing your diamond jewellery while applying lotions, perfumes, or any oily substances to reduce the risk of residue build up.

Talk to the Experts at Sinclairs Jewellers

Talk to the Experts at Sinclairs Jewellers

With over 75 years of dedicated service since its establishment in 1947, Sinclairs Jewellers in Perth stands out as jewellers of distinction, known for their passion for fine quality jewellery passed down through three generations. We have earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after fine jewellery boutiques in Perth, Western Australia, built upon hard work and a commitment to client service.

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Now that you have learned the essential tips for caring for your diamond jewellery in Perth, you can confidently maintain the sparkle and shine of your precious pieces for years to come.

By following these expert recommendations from Sinclairs Jewellers, including removing jewellery during activities, regular cleaning, proper storage, and insurance, you can guarantee that your diamonds remain dazzling and valuable.

Remember, taking good care of your jewellery is key to preserving its beauty and brilliance. Contact us today!